An excerpt from ‘Beyond All Frontiers

This is the summary of various theories of philosophers and astrophysicists that have been researched over the past hundred years. The present day thinkers, however, concur that current knowledge is not sufficient enough to adequately describe the origin of the universe, and as such, relying on an event that is termed as The Big Bang, which occurred billions of years ago, to have also triggered life on earth is like a shot in the dark. Because here we are talking about a living being having a brain which has the capability and capacity to access, acquire, gain, store and extrapolate knowledge and has a soul which seeks to use that knowledge to explore not only the origin of the universe but its own self too. Moreover, this living being came into existence at least ten billion years after the Big Bang occurred, so where does lie the connection between two of the most important events in the history of the universe? Without a reasonably acceptable explanation of the link between the Big Bang and origin of life, no half-baked theory, which heavily banks upon future research for endorsement, should honestly be considered for scientific ratification.

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